FOR NEARLY THREE DECADES WE HAVE BEEN SUPPLYING electrical engineering services & support TO ONE OF our COUNTRY’S MOST HIGH PROFILED SUPPLIERS OF TURNKEY process engineering contracts for Purified water systems, WFI systems, Pure steam, CIP/SIP, Effluent treatment, Special gases & Fluid processing systems, & all of the diverse companies under the UK Gas Technologies Ltd umbrella. Assisting in the prototype development of one of their best selling Purified Water Systems, Genesys. We have also been at the forefront of their on-site installation work helping to keep the company’s position as the UK’s leading supplier of gas control and delivery systems for the pharmaceutical, medical, research and industrial industries.

Some of the projects we have been involved with are as follows:

GSK, Warve, Belgium

Royal London & St Barts’

National Physical Laboratory

Hammersmith Hospital

Gerrard Laboratories, Dublin


Dabur Oncology

Chiron, Liverpool

Astra Zeneca

Abbotts Laboratories

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